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If the system is operated in the public/commercial sector (e.g. in a company’s kitchen or break room), a cleaning with the GROHE cleaning cartridge must take place twice a year.
If you use a GROHE Blue system at home, we recommend to clean it once a year, or every time you replace the filter, to keep your GROHE Blue working perfectly and delivering pure and delicious tasting water straight from the tap.
You need the GROHE Blue cleaning cartridge and the reuseable adaptor for perfect cleaning power. You can order both the cleaning cartridge and adapter on our web shop. If you own a GROHE Blue Professional, then the adapter was already included in the starter kit.
At first, unscrew the old filter. Pair the reusable cleaning adapter with the GROHE Blue cleaning cartridge and insert the GROHE cleaning cartridge into the GROHE Blue cooler. Start the cleaning process either on the cooler or from the GROHE Watersystems app. Once the cleaning process is completed, unscrew the cleaning cartridge (remember to keep the adapter!), and replace it with the new filter.
The cleaning process takes around 30 - 40 minutes. The system will be flushed with several liters of fresh water. Please note that you cannot use the kitchen tap during the cleaning mode. The water which is poured during cleaning process shall not be used for drinking.
In addition to regular cleaning of the cooler with the GROHE cleaning cartridge, the supply and outlet air grilles must also be cleaned regularly. The hoses, the carbonate hardness setting, and the aerator should also be checked regularly. The filter head must be replaced after five years. GROHE also offers maintenance contracts. Please get in contact with GROHE customer service team for further support.
Do not use any abrasive sponges or scouring agents for cleaning. We also advise you not to use cleaning agents containing solvent or acid, limescale removers, household vinegar and cleaning agents with acetic acid in them. They are aggressive to the surface - and will leave your fitting dull and scratched. As the formulations of commercially available cleaning agents frequently change, we cannot guarantee they will provide the gentle care our fitting deserves.

Clean the fitting with a little soap and a moist cloth only, then simply rinse off and wipe dry. You can avoid lime spots by drying the fitting each time it is used. If lime deposits do occur, remove them with GrohClean, our environment-friendly cleaning liquid. GrohClean is specially formulated to clean the surface of our fittings gently. GrohClean is available from your supplier.
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