Returning items that contain hazardous materials

What are “Hazmat items” ?

Products containing flammable, pressurised, corrosive, environmentally hazardous or any other hazardous chemicals, lithium batteries/rechargeable batteries, spray cans and magnets are referred to as “hazmat items”. These items are classified as dangerous goods in the EU. This means that they pose a higher risk if transported commercially than other items. Therefore, they are subject to precise labelling obligations.

Special conditions therefore apply to the return of dangerous goods regarding:

- packaging
- labelling
- transport

How do I identify dangerous goods?


All our CO2 bottles are marked with the symbol for non-flammable, non-toxic gases.

When returning full 2kg CO2 bottles, the packaging must be marked with the green carbon dioxide diamond.


On the packaging of our 425g CO2 bottles you will also find the UN 1013 hazardous goods diamond symbol.

When returning full CO2 bottles, this must remain visible.

When empty CO2 bottles are returned as part of the refill process, the dangerous goods diamond has to be covered with the refill sticker.

Other questions about hazardous materials

If possible, use the GROHE original packaging to return the product. It has the necessary imprints and packaging for the shipment of this product. If the item was sent to you without further shipping packaging in the product packaging, also use this as transport packaging for the return. We therefore ask you to keep the GROHE original shipping packaging or the product packaging until the end of the warranty period. Check whether the hazardous goods label is still clearly visible and legible. If this is not the case, please replace it. Use the print templates provided on this page.

Please do not stick over existing dangerous goods labels and text elements. In addition, hazardous goods labels must not be stuck over cardboard corners. If an article requires several dangerous goods labels, all dangerous goods labels (with the exception of the 2nd alignment arrow) must be on one side of the packaging.

If the original packaging is damaged, please use a new package. Make sure that the packaging is strong and stable, so that it can withstand a fall and will not deform. Print out the corresponding hazard symbols (in colour and in actual size) and stick them visibly onto the packaging.
Please note that the CO2 bottles may only be shipped with the corresponding protective cap attached to the CO2 bottle. Products filled with liquids must be securely sealed to prevent the contents from leaking during transport.

If you are returning several dangerous items, it is important to return them individually, not together in one package in order to comply with legal requirements.

We would like to point out that if you do not comply with the labelling obligation, we will charge you the shipping costs. Please read our T&C's for more information.

Please note that special regulations for the transport of hazardous goods must be observed when shipping lithium batteries and rechargeable batteries. Make sure that the products in the package cannot slip back and forth or be switched on accidentally. In case of doubt, please clarify shipping with us.

Damaged Hazmat items, including damaged CO2 bottles and lithium batteries, aren't returnable and should be disposed of in a recycling centre. If the item you want to return contains damaged lithium batteries please remove the damaged battery from the device before returning. Please return the device without the battery. If it is not possible to remove the batteries safely, please contact our customer service for further action.

A damaged battery can be identified the following:

- Damaged or significantly deformed housing
- Starting points on metal parts of the battery
- Melting points on the plastic housing
- Heating of the battery when it is switched off
- Battery leakage

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