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GROHE Watersystems & Accessories

Explore our water systems and accessories. Find the right setup for your needs.

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GROHE Blue Pure filter water taps

Just perfectly filtered water. The perfect choice for people who prefer the natural taste of still water, but with all possible impurities removed

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GROHE Blue Home & Blue Professional

Filtered, cooled and sparkling water straight from your tap. Models are available for your residential kitchen or for office and professional use.

Models for home use Models for offices and other professional use
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GROHE Red hot water taps

99°C kettle-hot water straight from the tap. Never wait for the kettle to boil again.

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Explore the accessories ranges for your GROHE Watersystem

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GROHE Filters

The magic is in the filter — GROHE offers you a choice of filter sizes and type options, meaning you can get best water quality no matter in which area you live.

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CO2 bottles

The simplest way to perfect bubbles. Never run out of sparkling water with the CO2 refill process of GROHE.

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