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  • 99° C boiling water
  • Filtered water

99˚ Kettle-hot water straight from your kitchen tap

Never wait for the kettle to boil again. With the innovative GROHE Red system you can fill anything, from a mug to a large pot, with kettle-hot water in an instant.
With GROHE Red you still have your standard kitchen mixer, but separate push buttons provide kettle-hot water on tap.


Ways to use. Made for your moments with GROHE Red.


Tap features

GROHE standart, innovation and aesthetic touch.

To ensure that your tap is in harmony with the rest of your kitchen, you can choose from two spouts (C- and L-shape) and two colours: chrome and supersteel.

GROHE Red - GROHE Watersystem

Childlock - Our commitment to your safety

Our taps have a fail-proof child lock and safety function that eliminates all danger of scalding: for the kettle-hot water to flow, you must first unlock it with the upper push button. The second you take your hand off the button — the cut-off function instantly stops the flow of water.

Nor is there any danger from a sputtering tap: GROHE Red has a patented aerator, which ensures that the stream of boiling water flows smoothly without splattering.

GROHE Red has passed the German SGS TÜV test, the independent body that confirms that the applicable safety requirements and quality standards have been met.

GROHE Red - GROHE Watersystem

Technology that puts safety first

GROHE Red taps are designed for a safe and secure operation, while providing customer-friendly key features like the pot-filler function at the same time.

GROHE Red - GROHE Watersystem

Boiler - titanium heart of GROHE Red

The slim GROHE Red boiler is available in 2 sizes and fits neatly under the sink.

M-size boiler:
max 3 liters of kettle hot water at once;
heating time is 15 – 20 minutes for whole volume;
height = 37cm, diameter of 21cm.

L-size boiler:
max 5,5 liters of kettle hot water at once;
heating time is 20 – 30 minutes for whole volume.
height = 49cm. diameter of 21cm.

GROHE Red - GROHE Watersystem

It all boils down to the filter

The standard high-performance filter combines several filtration technologies to reduce different kind of impurities — while retaining important minerals.

FAQ about GROHE Red

You can choose according to your demand for boiling water. Both boilers are suitable for use in a private home. The M-size boiler delivers 3 litres, the L-size boiler delivers 5.5 litres of kettle hot water.
For office kitchens we recommend the use of the L-size boile
Both boilers have a diameter of 21cm. The M-size boiler has a height of 37cm while the L-size boiler has a height of 49cm.
No. Our taps have a fail-proof child lock and safety function that eliminates all danger of scalding. The 2-step touch activation to activate the flow of kettle hot water cannot be operated by children. Our child lock feature has been certified by SGS-TÜV in Germany.
Depending on the water inlet temperature, the heating time for the M-size boiler is 15 – 20 minutes while the heating time for the L-size boiler is 20 – 30 minutes.
To protect the boiler from limescale, GROHE recommends the use of a filter. If the water hardness exceeds 10 degrees, the use of the filter is vital to guarantee that the boiler will have a long lifetime. The filter set is part of each GROHE Red set.
GROHE watersystems are designed to only be connected to the mains water supply.
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