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Our taps have a fail-proof child lock and safety function that eliminates all danger of scalding. Nor is there any danger from a sputtering tap: GROHE Red has a patented aerator, which ensures that the stream of boiling water flows smoothly without splattering. And the second you take your hand off the button, the cut-off function instantly stops the flow of water.
Each GROHE Red sets come with a GROHE Red kitchen tap, a boiler (M size or L size), a filter set including flowmeter, and a pressure relief valve.
You can choose according to your demand for boiling water. Both boilers are suitable for use in a private home. The M-size boiler delivers 3 litres, the L-size boiler delivers 5.5 litres of kettle hot water.
For office kitchens we recommend the use of the L-size boile.
Both boilers have a diameter of 21 cm. The M-size boiler has a height of 37 cm while the L-size boiler has a height of 49 cm.
The temperature of the kettle hot water coming out of the spout is 100 °C.
Due to technical reasons the boiler can be connected to the cold water supply only.
Both boilers can provide warm water if they are connected to the GROHE Red mixing valve. If your kitchen only has a cold water connection, the valve will mix kettle hot water with cold water from the mains supply to create warm water for the mixed water lever of your tap. This makes a direct water heater unnecessary.

If your kitchen features a cold and warm water mains supply, the mixing valve can be used to avoid a waiting period until the desired warm water temperature is reached. Because the initial flow of water from the warm water supply is cold, the valve mixes in boiling water to compensate. This results in the immediate availability of warm water. The mixing valve is available as a separate accessory product (item no. 40841001). On this page you will find out more about Hotfill installation.
No. Our taps have a fail-proof child lock and safety function that eliminates all danger of scalding. The 2-step touch activation to activate the flow of kettle hot water cannot be operated by childen. Our child lock feature has been certified by SGS-TÜV in Germany.
Depending on the water inlet temperature, the heating time for the M-size boiler is 15 – 20 minutes while the heating time for the L-size boiler is 20 – 30 minutes.
To protect the boiler from limescale, GROHE recommends the use of a filter. If the water hardness exceeds 10 degrees, the use of the filter is vital to guarantee that the boiler will have a long life. The filter set is part of each GROHE Red set.
The filter should be connected between the cold water supply and the boiler. The required hose is part of the complete set.
The boiler should only be filled via the cold water supply. Furthermore, a safety unit must be mounted with the waste trap, which is included in the product packaging.
The GROHE Red boiler has a maximum power consumption of 2200W. It requires a wall socket with earth wire, protected via a 10 A fuse. Depending on the local situation it has to be checked if a separated electric circuit is required to operate the boiler.

The GROHE Manufacturer's Guarantee shall apply for a period of two years commencing from the date of purchase of the GROHE product. For all products which are tagged as products to which the “GROHE 2 years plus Manufacturer’s Guarantee” is applicable, an additional year can be requested by completing the product registration form.

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