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CO2 Filter - GROHE Watersystem

The magic is the filter

GROHE and BWT — Europe‘s leading water professionals represent safety, hygiene, and the highest quality standards. We have combined the expertise of two companies to deliver a completely new water experience.

All filters are produced and tested according to HACCP food safety standards and ensure the best possible water quality.

GROHE offers you a choice of filter size as well as different filter type options, meaning you can get perfect drinking water whether you live in a hard or soft water area.

Which filter is right for me?

BWT and GROHE have created a special range of premium performance filters. The filters are capable of handling problematic water sources as well as enhance water quality and taste.

Standard Filter: Drinking water refined

The S-, M- & L-Size filters use a combination of filtration process to minimize   impurities in the water – while retaining all the important minerals that benefit your vitality. The filter also fulfills another essential function: by filtering out limescale it ensures that your watersystem and household appliances can perform perfectly over its long lifetime.

Filter capacity up to 600/ 1500 /2500 liters.

Activated Carbon Filter for soft water areas

If you live in a soft-water area, the activated carbon filter is right for you. It improves the taste but leaves the carbonate levels in the water untouched.
Filter capacity up to 3000 liters.

Magnesium + Zinc Filter for great taste and vitality benefits

For the best taste and vitality benefits, the magnesium + zinc filter is the ideal choice. It adds up to 35 mg magnesium and up to 3 mg zinc to each liter of water, helping you get enough of these essential minerals while delivering the best tasting tea and coffee possible.
Filter capacity up to 400 liters.

Ultrasafe Filter for highly contaminated water areas

Transforms tap water into delicious table water free from lead, bacteria and microplastics. The UltraSafe Filer is suitable for areas with highly contaminated water and takes out even the smallest particles. It removes microplastic (>1μm), 99,999% of bacteria and up to 99,5% lead. It forms a barrier to harmful microorganisms and guarantees total purity and hygiene. The result is purest drinking water.
Filter capacity up to 3000 liters.


Reverse Osmosis filter

Reverse Osmosis filter significantly reduces impairing substances such as metals, plastics, bacteria, viruses, and hormones.

Reverse Osmosis Mineralisation filter

The Reverse Osmosis Mineralisation filter significantly reduces impairing substances and adds silicate and magnesium to the water.
For a next level taste experience right from the tap at home.


Installation, Maintenance & Downloads

GROHE filters FAQs

- The capacity of the 5-stage filters ranges from 600 l (S size) up to 2500 l (L size) (at 20° dKH).
- The capacity of the Magnesium + Zinc filter is up to 400 l at 17° dGH.
- The capacity of the Active Carbon filter is up to 3000 l (for soft water areas below 9° dKH).
- The capacity of the UltraSafe filter is up to 3000 l or max. 6 months.
- The life time of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Mineralisation filter is 12 months.


The system is set on the basis of local carbonate hardness (°dKH). If the carbonate hardness is below 9° dKH, the Active Carbon filter should be used.

For carbonate hardness above 9° dKH, you can use our S-, M- & L-Size filters. Please note that the L-size filter is not suitable for GROHE Blue Home). To enrich the drinking water with magnesium and zinc, you choose the Magnesium + Zinc filter.

To remove even microplastic (> 1µm), 99,5 % of lead and 99,999% of bacteria, you aim for the UltraSafe filter. In addition, we recommend cleaning the inner waterways of your GROHE Blue cooler with the help of the GROHE cleaning cartridge every time you exchange the filter.

For challenging water conditions you can use Reverse Osmosis filters.

The filter has to be changed at least after 12 months*, or as soon as the filter capacity has been reached. The remaining capacity of the filter is shown in the cooler display, on the Watersystems app (relevant for GROHE Blue Home and Professional) or on the flow meter or exchange timer (relevant for GROHE Blue Pure).

An LED display in the faucet’s left handle makes it easy to tell when filter capacity is running low. If the residual capacity is <10 %, the LED on the handle flashes and, depending on the settings, you receive a push notification telling you the filter needs to be replaced soon.

When the time comes to replace the filter, the display on the tap will alert you with an orange, blinking light.
Using a GROHE Blue Pure watersystem, the flow meter or filter exchange timer give an acoustic signal when the filter capacity is exhausted.

(*UltraSafe filter has to be replaced after 6 months)
If the system is operated in the public/commercial sector (e.g. GROHE Blue Professional in a company’s kitchen or break room), a cleaning with the GROHE cleaning cartridge must take place twice a year.

If you use a GROHE Blue Home system at your own kitchen, we recommend to clean it once a year, or every time you replace the filter, to keep your GROHE Blue Watersystem working perfectly and delivering pure and delicious tasting water straight from the tap.
CO2 bottles, filters, cleaning cartridges and adapters are easy to purchase from our online shop. We will ship it directly from our central warehouse to your home or company address.
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