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GROHE Blue Activate Carbon filter reduces substances responsible for unpleasant taste and smell like chlorine.

GROHE Blue S-, M- & L-size filter reduces limescale, heavy metals, rough particles and substances responsible for unpleasant taste and smell as chlorine.
The GROHE Blue Ultrasafe filter can remove lead, bacteria and microplastic
To increase your personal vitality, choose the Magnesium + Zinc filter which reduces limescale, heavy metals and chlorine and, in addition to this, enriches the water with up to 35mg/l magnesium and up to 3mg/l zinc.

Please also look at our filter product page where the filter technology is explained in more detail.
The filter has to be changed at least after 12 months*, or as soon as the filter capacity has been reached. The remaining capacity of the filter is shown in the cooler display, on the Watersystems app (relevant for GROHE Blue Home and Professional) or on the flow meter or exchange timer (relevant for GROHE Blue Pure).
An LED display in the faucet’s left handle makes it easy to tell when filter capacity is running low. If the residual capacity is <10 %, the LED on the handle flashes and, depending on the settings, you receive a push notification telling you the filter needs to be replaced soon.

When the time comes to replace the filter, the display on the tap will alert you with an orange, blinking light.
Using a GROHE Blue Pure Watersystem, the flow meter or filter exchange timer give an acoustic signal when the filter capacity is exhausted.

(*UltraSafe filter has to be replaced after 6 months.)
No, you can change the filter easily by yourself.
The filter can be changed simply by unscrewing it and screwing in the new filter in its place. Afterwards, please reset the filter capacity: either on the cooler or app, or on the flow meter/ filter exchange timer. Please watch the video for the simple guide.
No. Stop valves are already built into the filter holder. When the filter is removed, the flow stops automatically.
The system is set on the basis of local carbonate hardness (°dKH). To do this, you can use the enclosed water hardness measuring strips or ask your domestic water supply company. It is important that you adjust the cooler settings and the settings of the filter head.
An overview how to set the system can be found in the printed guide enclosed with the GROHE Blue system.
You need to “tell” the system that another filter model is now being used. This has to be set according to the table overview in the guide enclosed with the GROHE Blue Home or Professional system. If you use the GROHE Watersystem app, then you can easily select the new filter model on the app. Using a GROHE Blue Pure Waterystem, you need to change the settings on the filter head. This can be done according to the table overview in the printed manual.
Once the filter is replaced, press the left button of the cooler and hold it down until “rF” starts flashing on the display. Then release the left-hand button and press it again until “rF” stops flashing. The message “99” will now appear (= residual filter capacity). The filter capacity has been reset.

If you use the GROHE Watersystem app, then you can easily reset the filter capacity as well on the app.

On the GROHE Blue Pure system, the reset of the filter capacity is done on the flowmeter or filter exchange timer. This can be done according to the description in the printed manual of your system.
If you stay in that house only several times in a year, it is not recommended to buy the watersystem because the water will stagnate in the filter and the cooler it when you don't use it often. The same applies for other rooms where you don’t use the water appliances often.
GROHE recommends to not to leave a filter unused for a long period of time because water stagnates in it. When you don´t use the system between 2 days and 4 weeks. you need to flush with about 3-6 litres of water before drinking, to get rid of the stagnated water. After 4 weeks or even more of no use, you should exchange the filter and clean the system with the GROHE cleaning cartridge.
Answer for UK: Used filters are disposed of with the residual waste.

Answer for Germany: Used filters can be returned to GROHE for recycling. 99% of materials will be recycled at the filter´s manufacturer. For your convenience, every new order contains a shipping label to return the used filter for free.
The filter is used in order to protect the watersystem (cooler) from limescale and in order to ensure consistent good potable water quality from your water filter faucet. Due to that the system can be only used with the filter.
Yes, the filter can also be installed horizontally.
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