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GROHE Blue Professional

  • Filtered water
  • Cooled water
  • Medium water
  • Sparkling water


The unique GROHE Blue Professional watersystem delivers fresh, great-tasting filtered water straight from your office kitchen tap. It combines the modern look of a designer tap with a high performance filter, cooler and carbonator – but can also be used as an ordinary kitchen tap.



Water of your choice

Tap features

To ensure that your tap is in harmony with the rest of your kitchen, you can choose from three spouts (C-, L-shape) and 2 colours: Chrome, SuperSteel.

GROHE Blue Professional - GROHE Watersystem

How to draw filtered and sparkling water

GROHE Blue Professional has a simple and intuitive mechanism that lets you carbonate your drinking water at the touch of a button.

GROHE Blue Professional - GROHE Watersystem


Cooler for chilled and sparkling water supply with integrated display and wi-fi connectivity to track consumption and capacities on phone or desktop.

Capacity: 12 L/hr, enough for 40 people per system.

Adjustable water temperature: between 5° and 10° C. 

Filter - GROHE Red


GROHE Blue Professional can be used with every kind of GROHE filters. The standard high-performance filter combines several filtration technologies to reduce different kind of impurities - while retaining important minerals.

Available in three different capacity sizes — L is optimal for GROHE Blue Professional.
Capacity of the filter: from 400l to 2500l.

*Filter doesn’t come in GROHE Blue Professional watersystem package.

GROHE Blue Home - GROHE Watersystem

CO2 bottles*

GROHE Blue Professional can also be connected to our 2 kg or 425gr CO2 bottles. For the smaller bottles, a specific CO2 adapter 40962000 (sold separately) is required.

*CO2 bottle doesn’t come in GROHE Blue Professional watersystem package.

FAQ about GROHE Blue Professional

GROHE Blue Home is the solution for the home and non-commercial use. GROHE Blue Professional is the business solution, but can also be used at home. The main difference is the capacity of the cooler. The GROHE Blue Professional cooler is designed to deliver 12 liters of chilled and sparkling water per hour, which is enough for a larger group of up to 40 persons.
The kitchen cabinet must have a minimum width of 600 mm and a minimum depth of 500 mm. The cabinet opening must be at least 430 mm tall.
Please note that additional ventilation holes are needed for aerating of the cooler. Watch our installation video for more details.
GROHE recommends that GROHE water systems are not left unused for a long period of time. If the GROHE filter systems are not used between two days and four weeks, the system must be flushed with at least four liters of water (depending on filter size. Please consulate the technical product information of the filter for further details).
If the GROHE Blue system is not used for more than 4 weeks, it must be cleaned with the GROHE Blue Cleaning cartridge and the filter must be exchanged.
During absence, the cooler should not be switched off for hygiene and contamination reasons!
GROHE Blue Professional consumes approx. 0.014 kWh of electricity in an hour. The values constitute an average over a 24-hour period with different drawing processes. The figure depends on a range of variables such as frequency of use and ambient conditions.
In addition to the cleaning of your GROHE Blue Professional watersystem with the GROHE cleaning cartridge twice a year, the supply and outlet air grilles must also be cleaned regularly. The hoses, the carbonate hardness setting and the aerator should also be checked regularly. The filter head must be replaced after five years.
GROHE also offers maintenance contracts for companies. Please get in contact with GROHE Customer Service team for further support.
GROHE watersystems are designed to only be connected to the mains water supply.
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2 Creation of a Product Carbon Footprint for GROHE water systems for drinking and hot water supply”, Sebastian Schär, Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann, University Duisburg-Essen (2021)

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