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GROHE Watersystems AR (augmented reality) app

Your virtual installation assistant

The GROHE Watersystems AR app is your tool to virtually install a GROHE watersystem in your kitchen.
Scan the kitchen area with your smartphone camera and place a GROHE Blue or GROHE Red watersystem or even a new kitchen sink virtually in your kitchen.


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On the start screen, you can start the virtual installation of the included Watersystems products with a single click or complete the tutorial with more information on how to use the app.


GROHE Watersystem App

A wide selection of GROHE watersystems products

With the help of this app, you can immediately check if the GROHE Blue cooler or GROHE Red boiler will fit into your kitchen cabinet and how the new kitchen tap will match to your sink.
In addition to the GROHE Blue and GROHE Red watersystems, the Watersystems AR app includes a wide selection of other products such as kitchen sinks or waste separation systems.

GROHE Watersystem App

Different designs & colours

Our GROHE Blue and GROHE Red taps are each available in different designs and styles. In addition to the design, you can choose from different colours to check why one matches best to your kitchen.

Watersystem App

Integrated tutorial

The integrated tutorial guides you step-by-step through the app's functionality and explains how to easily perform the virtual installation in your own kitchen.

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