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GROHE Blue Home

  • Filtered water
  • Cooled water
  • Medium water
  • Sparkling water

100 % Taste straight from the tap

Do you like your chilled drinking water still or sparkling? Somewhere in between? With GROHE Blue Home the choice is all yours. First the water is filtered to remove impurities. Then it is chilled to create that mountain-fresh taste.  And when you turn on the tap a simple touch of a button lets you choose whether still, medium sparkling or sparkling water flows into your glass.

GROHE Blue Home is the superior solution for your private home with pull-out mousseur and GROHE Watersystems App control.

Made for your local water

Water of your choice

Taps features

To ensure that your tap is in harmony with the rest of your kitchen, you can choose from three spouts (C-, L-, and U-shape) and 5 colours: Chrome, SuperSteel (stainless steel), Hard Graphite (anthracite) , Warm Sunset (bronze), Velvet Black.

Blue Home

How to draw filtered and sparkling water

GROHE Blue Home has a simple and intuitive mechanism that lets you carbonate your drinking water at the touch of a button.

GROHE Blue Home - GROHE Watersystem


The GROHE Blue Home cooler is slim, making it simple to find the ideal space for it in your kitchen. The cooler has integrated display and wi-fi connectivity to track consumption and capacities on phone or desktop.

The adjustable temperature of the filtered water is between 5° and 10° C.

The Blue Home cooler can be fitted directly below the sink or within a radius of 2.5m (GROHE Blue extension set required).

Blue Home

GROHE Blue Filters

The GROHE Blue Home taps are combined with GROHE filtration technologies. The filter portfolio suits every taste and water quality.

Filters for taste improvement minimize chlorine, coarse particles, taste and odor disturbing substances. Filters for water safety not only improve taste, but also hygiene level. By reducing limescale, bacteria, microplastics or heavy metals, our GROHE Blue filters support safe water consumption and make it possible for everyone to enjoy pure water straight from the tap.

Filter - GROHE Red

CO2 bottles

Each GROHE Blue Home Starter set already contains one 425g CO2 bottle—to experience the great taste of sparkling water. When the time comes to replace the CO2 bottle, the LED on the handle starts to blink, giving you ample warning.

Ordering new bottles is simple and effortless — check how the CO2 refill process works.

FAQ about GROHE Home Blue

GROHE Blue Home is the solution for the home and non-commercial use. GROHE Blue Professional is the business solution but can also be used at home. The main difference is the capacity of the cooler. The GROHE Blue Home cooler delivers 3 liters of chilled sparkling water per hour, which makes it the ideal choice for private households, whereas the Professional cooler is designed to deliver 12 liters of chilled and sparkling water per hour.
The cooler is required for the carbonation of drinking water and is therefore necessary to produce sparkling water: The colder the water from the cooler, the more carbon dioxide can be bound. Moreover, the cooler should not be switched off for hygienic reasons to avoid contamination of the water.
The water temperature at the cooler can be set between 5 and 10 °C. It is set to the coldest level in the factory settings. The colder the water, the more carbon dioxide can be bound in it. This means that an increase in temperature has an impact on the water’s CO2 content.

The GROHE Blue tap provides filtered still water (top button) or filtered sparkling water (lower button). If you press both buttons in sequence, the tap provides medium sparkling water.

However, carbon dioxide binding in water is affected by various factors. The colder the water from the cooler, the more carbon dioxide can be bound. Another factor is the local carbonate hardness (°dKH) of the water.
If the carbonate hardness is below 9° dKH, the activated carbon filter should be used in any case, as this will not make the water even softer. For carbonate hardness greater 9° dKH, you can use the standard filter (S Size or M Size) or the Magnesium + Zinc filter.

To remove even microplastic (> 1µm) and 99,999% of bacteria, you choose the UltraSafe filter. We recommend to clean the GROHE Blue Home cooler with the GROHE cleaning cartridge every time you exchange the filter (at least once per year).
You will find a list and map of our preferred partners and showrooms on the GROHE website.

Download the GROHE Watersystems AR app (available for Android and iOS) to try a GROHE Watersystem at your home in Augmented Reality, This app allows you to virtually install a GROHE Watersystem and a GROHE kitchen sink in your own kitchen before you choose to buy.
GROHE watersystems are designed to only be connected to the mains water supply.
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1 The real water consumption behind drinking water: The case of Italy”, Journal of Environmental Management 92 (2011)
2 Creation of a Product Carbon Footprint for GROHE water systems for drinking and hot water supply”, Sebastian Schär, Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann, University Duisburg-Essen (2021)


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