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GROHE Blue Home is the solution for the home and non-commercial use. GROHE Blue Professional is the business solution, but can also be used at home. The main difference is the capacity of the cooler. The GROHE Blue Home cooler delivers 3 liters of chilled sparkling water per hour, which makes it the ideal choice for private households, whereas the Professional cooler is designed to deliver 12 liters of chilled and sparkling water per hour.
The size of the cooler is 200 mm wide, 455 mm high and 500 mm deep. This means that the cooler will fit comfortably inside a standard 60 cm or even in a 30 cm kitchen cabinet. Please note that additional ventilation holes are needed for aerating of the cooler (watch our installation video for more details).

Tipp: The GROHE Watersystems AR app (available for Android and iOS) allows you to virtually install any GROHE Watersystem in your kitchen before you choose to buy.
With the parts enclosed with the GROHE Blue system, the maximum distance permitted between the tap and the cooler is 75 cm. With the help of the separate extension set (item no. 40843000), it is possible to install it at a distance of up to 5 m. This means you can also place the cooler in an adjacent room or a cellar room that is situated underneath. Please note, however, that the hose extension should be kept as short as possible.
If you require a solution for low pressure, in addition to your existing low pressure tap, you can use the GROHE Blue Mono tap. Your kitchen sink would have two taps. Another alternative would be a combination with our GROHE Red. In this case, the existing low pressure boiler with tap would be replaced by our GROHE Red with its boiling water boiler and the special accessory Grohe Red mixing valve. Your sink would have two taps in this solution, too.
Here you can use our GROHE Switch (item no. 40402000), a battery-operated stop valve for dishwashers, which is available as separate accessory.
GROHE Blue Home consumes approx. 0.0157 kWh of electricity in an hour. The values constitute an average over a 24-hour period with different drawing processes. The figure depends on a range of variables such as frequency of use and ambient conditions.
You need to ensure that there are openings for ventilating and aerating the cooler. Please watch our installation video for more details.
No, unfortunately it is not possible to install it horizontally.
The best solution to install a GROHE Watersystem product is to make it done by a professional. You will find a list and map of recommended installation companies on our website.
The cooler should not be switched off for hygiene and contamination reasons! If the system is not used for a period between two days and four weeks, the system must be flushed with 3 - 5 liters of water. (Depending on filter size. Please consulate the technical product information of the filter for further details).

If the GROHE Blue system is not used for more than 4 weeks, the filter must be exchanged. We recommend to run the cleaning process with GROHE cleaning cartridge every time you change the filter, or at least once per year.

Please note that the cooler should not be switched off during absence to avoid contamination of the water.
AutoFlush can be set in the Watersystems App for your GROHE Blue Home system:
If you have not used the system for a period of 24 hours, the automatic flushing function checks via the app if water should run through the system to prevent stagnation. Filtered water without carbon dioxide admixture then runs for around a minute.

If you enable AutoFlush make sure that the spout is placed above the sink bowl.
The GROHE Blue Home Starter kits contain all parts and pieces which are needed to get the system up and running:
GROHE Blue Home single-lever sink mixer with filter function, GROHE Blue Home cooler with Bluetooth and WIFI interface, GROHE Blue 425 g CO2 bottle, GROHE Blue filter S-Size, water hardness test stripes and installation material.
The water temperature at the cooler can be set between 5 and 10 °C. It is set to the coldest level in the factory settings. The colder the water, the more carbon dioxide can be bound in it. This means that an increase in temperature has an impact on the water’s CO2 content.

The cooler is required for the carbonation of drinking water and is therefore necessary to produce sparkling water:
The colder the water from the cooler, the more carbon dioxide can be bound. Moreover, the cooler should not be switched off for hygienic reasons to avoid contamination of the water.
You can use this system only with original GROHE 425 g CO2-bottles. Third-party bottles may use a different valve and connection which could result in damage to the CO2 pressure reducing valve and the seals built into it! If the system is damaged by a third-party CO2 bottle, the voluntary manufacturer’s warranty will be void. Only by using GROHE CO2 cylinders can you therefore be sure that everything fits and is in full working order condition.
The GROHE Blue faucet provides filtered still water (top button) or filtered sparkling water (lower button). If you press both buttons in sequence, the faucet provides medium sparkling water.

However, carbon dioxide binding in water is affected by various factors. The colder the water from the cooler, the more carbon dioxide can be bound. Another factor is the local carbonate hardness (°dKH) of the water.
The remaining capacity of the CO2 bottles is shown on the LED display of the cooler while you are tapping carbonated water. You will also see the value on the GROHE Watersystem app. When the CO2 level has passed a certain threshold, you will receive a Push notification on the App, reminding you to order new CO2 bottles. Moreover, the LED on the left handle of the tap flashes white 5 times if the capacities has fallen below 10%. When the CO2 bottle is completely empty (the water does not sparkle anymore), the display of the cooler shows: EC. Then please replace the CO2 bottle and reset the CO2 settings.
If the carbonate hardness is below 9° dKH, the activated carbon filter should be used in any case, as this will not make the water even softer. For carbonate hardness greater 9° dKH, you can use the standard filter (S Size or M Size) or the Magnesium + Zinc filter.

To remove even microplastic (> 1µm) and 99,999% of bacteria, you choose the UltraSafe filter. We recommend cleaning your GROHE Blue Home cooler with our GROHE cleaning cartridge, or at least once per year.
The remaining capacity of the filter is shown in the cooler display and on the GROHE Watersystem app. If the residual capacity is <10 %, the LED on the handle flashes and, depending on the settings, you receive a push notification telling you the filter needs to be replaced soon.
CO2 bottles, filters, cleaning cartridges and adapters are easy to purchase from our online shop. We offer an exchange service for original GROHE CO2 bottles so that you will never run out of bubbles. It is not recommended to use any CO2 bottles from other manufacturers.
Spare parts can be ordered from the installer or from the business where you bought your GROHE Blue system. The installer will also support you if your system needs any repair or replacement work.
The GROHE Manufacturer's Guarantee shall apply for a period of two years commencing from the date of purchase of the GROHE product. For all products which are tagged as products to which the “GROHE 2 years plus Manufacturer’s Guarantee” is applicable, an additional year can be requested by completing the product registration form.
In addition to the cleaning of your GROHE Blue Home Watersystem with the GROHE cleaning cartridge once a year, the supply and outlet air grilles must also be cleaned regularly. The hoses, the carbonate hardness setting, and the aerator should also be checked regularly. The filter head must be replaced after five years by the GROHE service. To clean the tap, use a moist cloth only with little soap, then simply rinse off and wipe dry. You can avoid lime spots by drying the fitting each time it is used. If lime deposits do occur, remove them with GrohClean, our environment-friendly cleaning liquid.
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