GROHE Blue Home Installation & Maintenance


We offer an approved expert to install your GROHE Watersystem. It is highly recommended that these products are installed by a professional because of the combination of water and electrical supply.

Installation of GROHE Blue Home watersystem

You’ll be guided step by step through the installation process: from how to prepare your kitchen cabinet, drilling the ventilation hole, and mounting the fittings to inserting the filter and CO2 bottle for the first time and adjusting the software.

Installation of GROHE Blue Home watersystem with pull-out mousseur

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions on every aspect of fitting your GROHE Blue Home watersystem with pull-out mousseur.

Requirements for the cooler

The GROHE Blue Home cooler is slim and adaptable, making it simple to find the ideal space for it in your kitchen. It can be fitted directly below the sink or within a radius of 1.5 m, e.g. in a 30 cm wide towel cabinet. With the help of the separate extension set (item no. 40843000), it is even possible to install it at a distance of up to 6.5 m. This means you can also place the cooler in an adjacent room or a cellar room that is situated underneath. Please note, however, that the hose extension should be kept as short as possible.
- The size of the cooler is 455 mm height, 500 mm depth and 200 mm width.
- 230 V power supply / 50 Hz
- Cold mains water supply;
- Ventilation cut-out in bottom of cabinet (template included).

With the help of GROHE Watersystems AR app, you can virtually place the cooler and the faucet at your own kitchen.


Exchange the 425g CO2 bottle

If you see an a white, blinking light on the tap — it’s time to replace the CO2 bottle.

Exchange the filter

When the time comes to replace the filter, the display on the tap will alert you with a blinking light. The LED in the fitting’s left handle indicates the filter capacity:

- flashing blue/turquoise/green light — less than 20l filter capacity and you need to order a new filter cartridge.
- rapidly flashing orange light — filter cartridge must be changed now.

The filter must be changed after once a year or when capacity is exhausted.


We recommend a cleaning of the GROHE Blue Home cooler every time you change the filter, but at least once a year. Please see the video instruction below.

Please be aware that the GROHE watersystem and filter are not left unused for a longer period of time.
What to do if you were away:
- from 2 days up to 4 weeks: the watersystem must be rinsed out with approx. 3 - 5 liters (depending on the size of the filter. For L size it is 6-7 liters. See also table in the printed instruction guide of the filter).
- more than 4 weeks: the filter must be replaced for hygienic reasons and the system should be cleaned with the GROHE cleaning cartridge.

With help from the GROHE Watersystems app you can activate the automatic flushing (once within 24 hours) for your GROHE Blue Home system.

Please order the GROHE cleaning cartridge for each cleaning cycle, and one time the re-useable cleaning adapter

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