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The 425 g CO2 bottle provides up to 60 litres of sparkling water. A 2kg CO2 bottles provides up to 350 litres of sparkling water. The actual amount of litres can vary as binding of carbon dioxide in water is affected by various factors, e.g. if you draw sparkling or medium sparkling water, or on the temperature and water hardness of the water.
The remaining capacity of the CO2 bottles is shown on the cooler LED display while you are tapping carbonated water. You will also see the remaining value on the GROHE Watersystem app. Depending on your settings, you will receive a push notification from the app as soon as the CO2 level has fallen below a certain threshold. The LED on the left handle of the tap flashes white 5 times if the capacities has fallen below 10%.

When the CO2 bottle is completely empty (the water is only a trickle and does not sparkle anymore), the display of the Blue Home cooler shows EC. Then please replace the CO2 bottle and reset the CO2 settings.
The CO2 bottles is exchanged within seconds only: open the cover of the Blue Home cooler, unscrew the used bottle and screw in the new one. Finally, reset the CO2 settings on the cooler or on the app (see also next question). Here you can read more about the CO2 bottle exchange.
Following the exchange of a CO2 bottle, the system settings must be reset. Please press down the right button of the Blue Home cooler until the display starts flashing. The message “ro” appears in the display. Then press the right button until the display stops flashing.
If you draw water containing carbon dioxide, you will now be shown the remaining capacity of the CO2 bottle.
If you use the GROHE Watersystem app, you can easily reset the system settings on the app after each exchange of the CO2 bottle or the filter.
The standard view on the LCD display shows the capacity of the filter, not the capacity of the CO2 bottle. When you draw water containing carbon dioxide, the cooler will show the remaining capacity of the CO2 bottle. Tipp: Download the GROHE Watersystems app to see the capacity of the CO2 bottle and filter anytime on your mobile device.
No, the CO2 bottle must not be installed horizontally. Due to safety measures, please also store them in vertical position.
Each GROHE Blue Home starter kit set contains one 425 gr CO2 bottle. During your first order in our web shop, you order the CO2 starter kit (item no. 40422000), which comes with four bottles. In total you will have five CO2 bottles at home, so that you can easily return four bottles every time when they are empty in exchange to new ones (item no. 40687000).

If you use a GROHE Blue Professional system, we recommend ordering two 2 kg starter bottles (item no. 40423000), so that you can easily return one empty bottle in exchange to a new one (item no. 40424000) while keeping the other bottle connected to your system.
The GROHE Blue faucet provides filtered still water (top button on the left handle) or filtered sparkling water (lower button on the left handle). If you press both buttons in sequence, the faucet provides medium sparkling water.

However, carbon dioxide binding in water is affected by various factors. For example, the colder the water from the cooler, the more carbon dioxide can be bound in the water.
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