Error Codes GROHE Blue Cooler


There could be various reasons, e.g. the pump has shut-off for safety reasons. Switch off the voltage supply for around 30 seconds before this comes back on. Another cause may be that the filter has not been fitted straight. In this case, please check the position of the filter.

If that doesn't help, there might be an air bubble in the cooler tank which prevents the system from working correctly. To remove the air bubble, the device must be vented as follows:
Please unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and remove the CO2 bottle and filter. Then plug the mains plug back into the socket. Please now tap carbonated water using the push button (lights up green on the button on the fitting) until only droplets of water come out of the fitting. At the end of the process, you should hear a slight hissing noise from the spout. The entire process can take between 30 seconds and a maximum of four minutes. Please then close the fitting again and immediately insert the filter (the entire process must be completed within five minutes). Now please wait until the cooler has completely filled with water again. When the pump in the cooler has stopped pumping, please connect the CO2 bottle.

If the error still occurs, please get in contact with GROHE After Sales Support team for direct support.
Error code E3 is occurs when there is an issue with the connection between the tap and the cooler. A defective plug-in connector could also be the cause of the error, which is why this must be checked. Please contact GROHE customer service if the error persists.
This is caused by a cooler or carbonator error. To deal with the cause of this issue, the voltage supply must be switched off for 30 seconds, then switched on again.
Error code E7 means that the system has detected humidity inside the cooler. To solve this issue, the voltage supply must be switched off for 15 minutes, then switched on again. If there is condensation, the cooler will then be ready for operation again. If leakage occurs, the error message will reappear, and GROHE customer service must be consulted.
Error code E8 is caused when the filter capacity is exceeded. To deal with this error, the filter cartridge must be replaced straight away. This is easy to do. On our website, we guide your through the replacement process.
The error code E9 means that the cooler has overheated. To deal with this error, ensure that the GROHE Blue handle is closed, and the cooler-carbonator is sufficiently ventilated. The ambient temperature should be no more than 32 degrees. The cooler should be cooled down for at least 10 – 15 minutes. The error code E9 can then be reset.
If EE flashes or the problem cannot be rectified, interrupt the voltage supply to the cooler. You should also note down the serial number of the cooler and consult a specialist installer or contact the After Sales Support team for direct support.
Error code EC is caused by a CO2 bottle that is almost empty or has not been reset. The error can be dealt with by replacing the CO2 bottle and resetting. A guide to replace the bottle is available on our website.
Following the replacement of a GROHE CO2 bottle, the system must be reset. Please hold down the button on the right side of the cooler until the display starts flashing. The message “ro” appears in the display. Then hold down the button on the right until the display stops flashing. If you draw water containing carbon dioxide, you will now be shown the remaining capacity of the CO2 cylinder.

If you use the GROHE Watersystem app, you can also easily reset the CO2 or filter capacities of the system on the App.
This error may have several causes. First of all, check whether the filter has been inserted correctly. If so, check the hoses for kinks. The water supply must also be switched on. All stop valves must be fully open. Please contact GROHE customer service if the error persists.
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