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The GROHE Blue Pure Watersystem kit includes a filter faucet, a filter, a filter head and a flowmeter or filter exchange timer.
No, you cannot use GROHE Blue Pure filter faucet without the filter as it will not function.
Any GROHE Blue filter can be used with GROHE Blue Pure filter faucets.
Yes, you can use the new GROHE Blue Pure filter faucets also with filters or filter systems from other manufacturers if they have a 3/8” outlet connection.
No. GROHE Blue filter faucets have separated inner water ways for filtered and unfiltered water. The water way for filtered water is designed in a way that filtered water cannot mix with unfiltered water.
GROHE Blue Pure filter faucet is also available as a mono version (item no. 31724000). This means that this faucet has only one waterway for filtered water. In this case you will have two faucets in your kitchen.
If you require a solution for low pressure, in addition to your existing low pressure tap, you can use the GROHE Blue Pure Mono tap (item no. 31724000). Your kitchen sink would have two taps.
No, you dont need electricity to run a GROHE Blue Pure Watersystem (except for the Reverse Osmosis filtration system).
We recommend installation though a professional installer. However, you can also install GROHE Blue Pure Watersystem on your own.
Spare parts can be ordered from the installer or from the business where you bought your GROHE Blue Pure system. The installer will also support you if your system needs any repair or replacement work.
Both devices inform the user that the filter capacity is exhausted, and the filter must be changed. The flowmeter counts how many liters of water have already been passed through the filter. The filter exchanger timer counts the number of days the filter is being used.
The flowmeter is used with the S-, M- and L-size filters, Magnesium + Zinc filter and Ultrasafe filter. The filter exchange timer is used with Activated Carbon filter.
There are no cleaning options for the system, but for hygienical reasons the filter head must be changed every five years.

To clean the tap, use a moist cloth only with little soap, then simply rinse off and wipe dry. You can avoid lime spots by drying the fitting each time it is used. If lime deposits do occur, remove them with GrohClean, our environment-friendly cleaning liquid.
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