How To Guides: Filters

When the time comes to replace the filter, the display on the tap will alert you with a blinking light. The LED in the fittingā€™s left handle indicates the filter capacity:

- flashing blue/turquoise/green light ā€” less than 20 l filter capacity. It is time to order a new filter.
- rapidly flashing orange light ā€” filter cartridge must be changed now.

The filter has to be changed at least after 12 months (except UltraSafe filter which has to be replaced after 6 months) or as soon as the filter capacity has been reached. The remaining capacity of the filter is shown in the cooler display or on the Watersystems app (relevant for GROHE Blue Home and Professional) or on the flow meter or exchange timer (relevant for GROHE Blue Pure).

Exchange the filter for GROHE Blue Home

Watch the video to see how the filter change takes place for GROHE Blue Home

Exchange the filter for GROHE Blue Professional

Watch the video to see how the filter change takes place for GROHE Blue Professional


If the system is operated in the public/commercial sector (e.g. in a company’s kitchen or break room), a cleaning with the GROHE cleaning cartridge must take place twice a year (in accordance with DIN EN 6650).

If you use a GROHE Blue system at home, we recommend cleaning it once a year, or every time you replace the filter, to keep your GROHE Blue working perfectly and delivering pure and delicious tasting water straight from the tap. 

Also we recommend that GROHE Watersystem and filter are not left unused for a long period of time. 

What to do if you were away:
from 2 days up to 4 weeks: the watersystem must be rinsed out with approx. 3 - 5 liters (depending on the size of the filter. For L size it is 6-7 liters. See also table in the printed instruction guide of the filter). more than 4 weeks: the filter must be replaced for hygienic reasons and the system should be cleaned with the GROHE cleaning cartridge.

*not relevant for GROHE Blue Pure

Cleaning of GROHE Blue Home

Please order the GROHE cleaning cartridge for each cleaning cycle, and one time the re-useable cleaning adapter

Cleaning of GROHE Blue Professional

Please order the GROHE cleaning cartridge for each cleaning cycle.
The re-useable cleaning adapter comes already with the GROHE Blue Professional starter kit, but can also be purchased individually.

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