How To Guides: CO2 bottles

The remaining capacity of the CO2 bottles is shown on the LED display of the cooler while you are tapping carbonated water. You will also see the value in the GROHE Watersystems app.

When the CO2 level has passed a certain threshold, you will receive a push notification on the App, reminding you to order new CO2 bottles. Moreover, the LED on the left handle of the tap flashes white 5 times if the capacity has fallen below 10%.

Latest when the CO2 bottle is completely empty (the water does not sparkle anymore), it is time to replace the CO2 bottle and reset the CO2 settings. Watch the video to see just how simple it is.

Exchange the 425 g CO2 bottle for GROHE Blue Home

Change the CO2 bottle in just one minute: unscrew the used bottle and screw in the new one – it couldn’t be simpler or safer.

Do not forget to reset the CO2 capacity at the cooler or App afterwards.

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